Bisnu Sharma

Bisnu Sharma

Monday, July 6, 2015

MUSTANG open for film tourism !

Nikhil Uprety & Anu shah on BHAIRAV still.

When film CARAVAN nominated at the Academy award,  Nepal had saw huge tourist flowed at upper Dolpo, located at remote Karnali region.  60% of totall arrival French tourist in the country went to Dolpo beacuse of influence of film. Director of this movie was French Eric Vally and was shot at Dolpo. Protagonist was the Thinle Londup lama, a local recidence. This is the impact of film on tourism. Similar degree of influence can apply at Mustang as well.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

NEPAL do learn from GREECE crisis

Bisnu sharma 
Policy analyst Surya Raj acharya tweet that - ''The mantra of international finance system is that : profit for capitalist & risk for government. The statement of greece government is politically right because who take profit, he should face the prize of risk.'' He tweeted this right after emerging NO vote in Greece. After overwhelmingly vote for NO bailout, Greece might out from Eurozone. This issue shook the world, Especially Germany and Eurozone can face tough decision. Asian maket start to fallout. My statement is what Nepal can learn from Greece crisis ?

SELENA GOMEZ talks about Nepal

Last year teenage heartthrobe Selena Gomez was here at Nepal. She had visited Dang and Banke districts of country as an ambassador of UNICEF. Recently US singer shown the concern toward victim and survivor of earthquake. The UNICEF has released another video message by Gomez today. 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Nepal is safe - Go to Nepal !

If you want to help to the Nepal, Then go to visit the country. There is no any doubt that the massive earthquake and it's aftershocks, served a crushing blow to the country's economy. Two months after, Nepal is gearing up to tell the world it's back in travel business and economy. Government is desperate to change the narrative after April’s disaster, which killed almost 9,000 people, in time for the peak tourist season in October and November.

Be liberal, not free !

Immediate after endorsed the much hyped producer and director code of conduct of Nepalese film, controversy has been raised. The new provision has mentiond that for new comer producer, need to do associate with old ones who already made one movie & so on as well as need to take counseling class in film development board. In other hand to direct the film, the new comer director should assist the minimum five film and so on or need to collect 10 years experience on any part of movie and necessary to take the degree from university.