Bisnu Sharma

Bisnu Sharma

Thursday, August 13, 2015

NEPAL is hub for SURROGACY Mother !

Kathmandu based surrogacy company displayed this photo at website.

Bishnu Sharma
After ban in India and Thailand, Nepal has became new surrogacy hub in South Asia. Hospitals are providing the surrogacy service in the country. Especially help with respective ambessy, foreign man and women are keen intrested to get the service. I think Nepal should take the benifit from this new business tourism. But here is no existent the law about Surrogacy mother, so that foreigners are attracting toward the Nepal. 

Major hospitals are providing the service in Kathmandu and outside the valley. They launch the website and spreading the information. US and Isreal embassy are updating their portal about Surrogacy system in Nepal. As per news, agents are running the website to attarct many cotumer. A house in Kathmandu, agents being kept dozen surrogate mother under the tight security. 

At TIA, Kathmandu Isreli interiror minister Gilad Erdan greets the parents with their new born babies.
Interior Minister Gilad Erdan

The news about surrogecy service came in light when Isreali embassy airlifted so many suurogate mother after earthquake. It shows the how surrogate tourism has boosted in the country. As per info of Surrogacy Nepal company -single man, women and gay can have babies through surrogecy. Medical tourism Nepal (MTN) is another office of surrogecy, the company run the office from Durbar Marg.

The cabinet had taken the permission at last sepetmeber that if couples are foreigner, government will allow the permission to get service. Hospitals are charging the amount to 3.5 million to 10 million to providing surrogecy. Surrogacy mother will take the money 7,00,000 nrs for services.

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