Bisnu Sharma

Bisnu Sharma

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Three Reasons To Watch HOSTEL RETURNS !

Sushil shrestha & Shahi Shrestha

HOSTEL RETURNS is the awaited movie of the year in terms of publicity hype. It is hope that the intense drama film could grab all the eyeballs for its brilliant storyline. Mute film MAUN director Suraj Bhusal's visual narrative might be engagement. But we are trying to find few logic to watch this movie. Sushil shrestha, Sashi shrestha & Nazir hussein are the lead artist. Here are some key reason to watch this movie :

1) Visual Narrative :
You already heared about the Suraj Bhusal. He is the director of MAUN and he get the brilliant reviewed through this film. At that film, he had tried to play cinematic language.We can think that Hostel Returns might be wrap up by such style of narrative.

2) Beyond the film :
 Hostel Reurns not only enteretainment package at all. Film has tried to say beyond the film. Several charecter of this movie belongs to fedralism debate about mainstream politics now. Madhesi, Pahadi and far western's charecters are in the movie. It shows the divesrsity of cast and geography. It has given the meassage for national unity indeed.

3) Rock Patren music :
Shadows is the leading rock band in the Nepal. I think youngter moviegoers could like the music. Folk and rock music is the key appealing of this movie.

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